maka bara



  • Wedding: Graphic Design + Illustration + Photography

  • Daniel's Room: Graphic Design + Illustration

  • ShortFilm: Poster + Teaser

  • ShortFilm: Poster + Still Photography

  • PhotoShoot: Performance

  • Stationary: Illustration

  • Recipe: Illustration

  • Display: Graphic Design + Photography + Expo

  • Cover: Illustration + Teaser

  • Web: Graphic Design + Illustration + Web + Motion

  • Children's Book: In Progress

  • Children's Book: In Progress

  • Cover: Photography + Design

  • Cover:Photography + Design

  • Cover: Illustration + Graphic Design


My name is Maka, I am a graphic designer. Few years ago, I started to explore more options where I can express my professional skills, so I come across to learn web design. I felt with the seduction of technology and their influence. Nowadays, I try to understand the function of that.

On the other hand, my true passion is illustration and photography. Althought I make more digital art than fine arts, I always draw my sketches with my charcoal, pencil or indian ink. Because some ideas are coming in my dreams. Photography is one of my tools wich I take to accomplishing to my goals too. So, I would like to show some works. Please, feel free to see them. Thank you.


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