maka bara



  • Wedding: Graphic Design + Illustration + Photography

  • Daniel's Room: Graphic Design + Illustration

  • ShortFilm: Poster + Teaser

  • ShortFilm: Poster + Still Photography

  • PhotoShoot: Performance

  • Stationary: Illustration

  • Recipe: Illustration

  • Display: Graphic Design + Photography + Expo

  • Cover: Illustration + Teaser

  • Web: Graphic Design + Illustration + Web + Motion

  • Children's Book: In Progress

  • Children's Book: In Progress

  • Cover: Photography + Design

  • Cover:Photography + Design

  • Cover: Illustration + Graphic Design


My name is Maka, I am a graphic designer. Few years ago, I started to explore more options where I can express my professional skills, so I come across to learn web design. I felt with the seduction of technology and their influence. Nowdays, I try to understand the function of that.

On the other hand, my true passion is illustration and photography. Although I am more into digital art than fine arts, I like to draw my sketches with my charcoal, pencil or Indian ink because some of my ideas come from my dreams. Photography is one of my skills that like to do the most capturing moments, colors and magical combinations of life. I hope you to enjoy my creativity and feel free to contact me for work, coffee, talk.


Please, say hello!